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As a commercial policyholder (including fleets, motor traders and taxi firms), YOU are responsible for regularly submitting information about your vehicles to the database.  Your insurer can tell you how you should do this or you can take a look at the Insurer Submission Route options. This area of the MIIC website will provide you with all the other information you need to comply with the law.

If you drive a vehicle insured on a company policy, you need to make sure that your vehicle is on the MID.  Check with the person responsible for arranging the motor insurance in your company.

Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes, ACPO Lead for Uniformed Operations, explains how your company's vehicles could be seized if they are not on the MID:

"The use of ANPR at the roadside is helping the police to rid the roads of uninsured vehicles.  During 2006 around 50,000 vehicles were seized by the police.  ANPR teams check against the Police National Computer, the Motor Insurance Database and the DVLA database.  If a vehicle is not taxed or insured, reported stolen or lost, or if the keeper of the vehicle is wanted by the police for any other crimes, they will be stopped and further checks will be made.  The vehicle will be seized if there are no valid documents, and if proof of ownership or insurance is not produced within 14 days of the seizure, the police have new powers to crush and destroy the vehicle.  

Company car drivers are also at risk of seizure if the company has not registered the vehicle details on the MID.  You, as a fleet vehicle driver, may be inconvenienced by the police if your company has not passed on your vehicle details to the insurance provider.  A quick phone call to your Fleet Manager may save you unnecessary hassle at the roadside."

So it is no longer enough just to be insured, you must ensure that your company vehicles are on the MID.



The News page contains the latest important information on the Motor Insurance Database (MID).  Please take a look at this page regularly. 


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Information about why you need to know about the Motor Insurance Database.


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The different stages that you need to work through to comply.


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