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  Using the Motor Insurance Database to Provide Electronic Vehicle Licensing
The Government is gradually introducing additional facilities that allow the public to access its services using electronic means.  One of these services is Electronic Vehicle Licensing (EVL), which was introduced to England, Scotland and Wales in 2004 by the DVLA.  This service allows vehicle re-licensing via the phone or Internet, although motorists are still able to go to a licence-issuing Post Office or DVLA local office to get a new tax disc should they not have access to a telephone or the Internet.

EVL uses the Motor Insurance Database (MID) to make a check on whether there is valid insurance on the date on which the licence must be renewed (or the date of the transaction, if this is later). An electronic message is sent to the MID, and if a record is found for the vehicle for the relevant date, the response is positive.  No information about the policy is sent to the DVLA, but the transaction is authorised to go ahead.

Please note that motorists may not be able to use EVL if they have recently changed their name and or address, changed their insurance company or any details of their vehicle.  There may also be problems verifying insurance cover if the tax and insurance are both due at the same time.

In Northern Ireland, the DVLNI have also introduced a telephone re-licensing service, which is available to callers with appropriate insurance for the vehicle to be re-licensed, as confirmed by an enquiry on the MID.

EVL helps in the fight against fraudsters who forge certificates. It also saves owners’ or keepers’ time, as they no longer have to hunt for their insurance certificate when they need a new tax disc.