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What are the MID, MIB and UK Information Centre?

Details about the Motor Insurance Database (MID), Motor Insurers' Bureau and UK Information Centre. 


How can I contact the UK Information Centre?

UK Information Centre contact details, including a telephone number and e-mail address. 


What does the 4th Directive mean for me?

How the 4th EU Motor Insurance Directive will affect you as a member of the public.


Now for the Fifth Directive

Information about the 5th EU Motor Insurance Directive.


Can I access the MID?

What MID information can be made available, and how to obtain it. 


The MID and Vehicle Relicensing

Applying for a tax disc on-line.


EU Claims Reps

To find the 4th Directive Claims Representatives in an EU country for a UK insurer.



Details about the Motor Insurance Database Information System. 


Please be aware that there is a new Terms & Conditions document that can be found in the MIDIS section.   The Terms and Conditions contained therein came into force on 01/12/2006.  Please ensure, that if you are already registered to use MIDIS, or are intending to register to use MIDIS, you read them as they are vastly different to the previous ones and any breaches could potentially incur immediate suspension of access to MIDIS.  Not having read the new Terms and Conditions will not be accepted as a valid defence for any breaches of them.


The MID and the Police

The Police and the MID page contains details of key police projects and their use of the MID.


Downloadable Forms

Downloadable forms to enable you to contact the UK Information Centre efficiently for information. 


Useful Links

Links to external websites of other related organisations.