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  MIDIS - Motor Insurance Database Information System

MIDIS (Motor Insurance Database Information System) is available to Law Society registered solicitors to determine whether there may be insurance cover for a third party vehicle involved in an accident with their client. 

Here is our revised MIDIS Terms & Conditions document.   The Terms and Conditions contained therein came into force on 01/12/2006.  Please ensure, that if you are already registered to use MIDIS, or are intending to register to use MIDIS, you read them as they are vastly different to the previous ones and any breaches could potentially incur immediate suspension of access to MIDIS.  Not having read the new Terms and Conditions will not be accepted as a valid defence for any breaches of them.

Solicitors must first register with the UK Information Centre before using the system.  This can be done via the MIDIS website which is also used for making subsequent enquiries of the MID by inputting the vehicle registration number.

If you have problems with the MIDIS website please see MIDIS Technical Q&A's